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Bucket list bonus

Returning to the UK amid snow and sleep disruption, I am reminded that something very special happened on my trip to Australia. My bucket list wish to meet a baby kangaroo (joey) came true - in fact my wish was surpassed by being able to hold ‘Robbie’ in his pseudo pouch.

After his Mumma died on the roadside, Robbie was brought to ‘Kangaroo Rescue South Australia’ for rehabilitation and care. Liane and Brenton Lawrence are an incredible couple who do such amazing work; they are a small charity, run solely on funds from tours and grants from larger wildlife charities. Thank you for KRSA for making my dream come true and may your future funding be bountiful.

In the final weeks of my antipodean trip, New Zealand presented Cyclone Gabrielle; which altered my plans, but significantly reminded me that the world’s weather manifests itself with unyielding power. Currently fire alarms are sounding in the Adelaide Hills and north-west of Sydney (NSW). The fires come after temperatures reportedly hit 40C in some areas. Wildlife in flooded areas and animals trapped and injured in fires need human support. Bravo to all of those who supply it!

So as I return to visiting schools with ‘Jessie and JoJo’ - I have a spring in my step remembering my glorious ‘joey’ encounter and also discovering that Kangaroos really can ‘stick their tongues out’! The children I’ve seen since returning seem to relish this fact and the photos have been met with much laughter!

Pictured left to right: Patrick, Eric, Leroy

Find out more and donate here:

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